Project Nightfall Philanthropy is renovating this damaged school so these students can dream big!

There were a few times you felt a ray of hope because finally, someone would promise to help.

But you kept on waiting and waiting, and the help never really came. That’s exactly what happened to Camara. For years, she studied in a school without a roof. Where rain would be pouring down on her tiny back as she copied notes from her teacher’s board.

“Camara: The school has a lot of problems. There are a lot of damaged places on campus. The toilets are not safe for students and staff. The classrooms are not safe. Even the sitting capacity is not good at all. Because the chairs in the classrooms are not comfortable enough for learning and some roofs have been damaged for years now. And because of that rain beat students during winter. The handpump on campus had been damaged for almost four years now. It is difficult for water to get out of it. Even if water comes out of the pump it contains a bad thing that is not healthy for students, and the gate on campus is not safe at all. Because anyone can enter through the gate without asking for permission. And that is not safe. It is dangerous for students attending the school.”

They kept asking for help. Local politicians, businessmen… But after years, they thought no one will help.

But, Nightfam, Together we will.

Project Nightfall Organization is most concerned about reaching places and people no one else will.

Today Camara has grown up and is an alumnus of that school.

And she has promised herself to do whatever it takes to give the help she never got.

And we have promised to help her. We are fixing the school’s roof, toilets, the gates and even giving them the chance to have safe drinking water at school.

“Camara: Thank you Project Nightfall Organization for fixing our school!”

Thank you for supporting us Nightfam. Thanks to you, people like Camara can have faith that there are good people in this world. And that history doesn’t need to repeat itself.

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